Artem Okulov

Artem Okulov 240k Back Squat

The above video shows Artem Okulov doing 240k x 2 in the back squat with an average ascension time of 1.2 seconds. This would be equal to 245k x 1 in 1.2 seconds and 235k x 1 in 1 second and a 202k clean & jerk equivalent. 

Any lifter can squat more weight by moving slower than 1.0 second, but this would defeat the purpose of the squat as far as using it as an assistance lift for velocity training in the snatch and clean & jerk. The methodology for most European lifters is not to exceed loads that create too much deceleration. Anything over 1.5 seconds will begin to cause deceleration and it will become less beneficial to the weightlifter. 

It should be noted that Okulov’s time in motion for the clean is 0.67 seconds to full extension and 0.33 seconds in the 3rd pull or receiving the weight, which is comparable to most lifters. There is not much difference in these times among lifters of equal athletic ability, the challenge, and the reason for training, is to maintain these times as the weight increases.

What is more common to elite world lifters is their overall time in motion from the platform to standing up. Okulov’s 215k clean & jerk, in the above video, was approx. 2.0 seconds. Times of 2.5 or faster are needed to progress the lifter to their puff potential and make the jerk as easy as possible.

For times in motion to remain consistent regardless of the load, the training of the squats and pulls must be specific for that purpose. When coaches talk about specificity they invariable leave out the most important aspect of that specificity, which makes it necessary for the squats and pulls to match the velocity of the snatch and clean and jerk.

This means that the majority of squats should be achieved in 0.67 seconds during the ascension phase of the lift. The downward phase of the squat is controlled and slower than the upward phase. Not only should the majority of squats be geared toward the 0.67 seconds, the balance of the volume should not exceed 1.5 seconds, preferably 1.0 seconds; at least some effort should be made to halt the exercise as soon as the lifter begins to decelerate, or as soon as possible.

Artem Okulov 215k Clean & Jerk

The above photo shows Okulov doing a 215k clean & jerk, which would be equivalent to 250k back squat in 1 second.

We can calculate the equiv. back squat in 1.0 second to c&j by using Ratio 1a in reverse, or

215k / .86 = 250k equiv. 1.0 second back squat

The equivalent clean & jerk can be determined if the lifter knows what their best squat is and the time in motion of that squat, or if they know what their best 1RM back squat is in 1.0 second they can determine how much they should be able to clean & jerk.


Artem Okulov 290k Back Squat

The above video shows Okulov doing a 290k back squat single in 1.53 seconds. This would be equal to 263k in 1.0 second, which would be equivalent to a 226k clean & jerk. This would be 11k more than his best effort, as far as I am aware. 

Using formula 1a (Sq - [(t - 1) x 50] = eSq1) we can calculate what a 290k back squat in 1.53 seconds would be equivalent to in 1 second and from that we can determine the equivalent clean & jerk.

1.53 - 1.0 = 0.53 x 50 = 26.5k

290k - 26.5k = 263.5k @ 1.0 seconds

263.5k x 86% = 226k equiv. c&j

If Artem’s best C&J is 215k 

226k / 215k =  105%

The 105% represents 5% separation between his equiv. c&j and his PB c&j.