140k Clean & Jerk 2017 Worlds

Pull to full extension: 0.80 seconds

Receiving the weight: 0.40 seconds

Ascension time: 0.80 seconds

170 x 3 Back Squat

and Equivalent C&J 

170 x 3 = 180 x 1 @ 1.2 seconds average per set

1.2 -1.0 = .2 x 50 = 10k

180k - 10k = 170k

170k x .86 = 146k equiv. c&j

PB c&j is 147k

When the PB clean & jerk is greater than the equivalent clean & jerk, the effect will normally be contained in a slower overall time in motion, i.e., a slower than 2.5 second time from the platform to standing up with the barbell. If the PB clean & jerk is less than the equivalent clean & jerk there will be separation and the the overall time should be faster than 2.5 seconds and even close to 2.0 seconds with maximal weights. The 140k clean & jerk at the 2017 Worlds was achieved in 2.37 seconds.  We know she can front squat 140k in 0.80 seconds;

1.0 - 0.80 = 0.20 x 100 = 20k, and 140k + 20k = 160k @ 1.0 second for the front squat

160k / 140k = 114% or 14% separation between the front squat equivalent c&j and the actual 140k c&j

160k / 147k = 109% or 9% separation between the front squat equivalent c&j and the PR c&j

These are comparable to Ilya Ilyin’s percentage of 115% between his best clean & jerk (246) and 280k equivalent front squat in 1.0 second. These percentages can vary to some degree, depending on how the lifter was feeling, the shape they were in and other factors, but generally the lifter should maintain a greater equivalent clean & jerk than their actual clean & jerk of record.

In order to achieve separation, the squats and pulls need to always be trained at non-decelerated velocities during the ascensions, regardless of the number of reps or sets of reps. Each squat or pull must mimic as close as possible the same velocity that will be contained in the snatch, clean and the jerk.

The relative range of velocity for the squats would be 0.50 seconds to 1.5 seconds, where the majority of the squats are achieved in 0.67 seconds and very few exceed 1.0 second and none, if it can be helped, exceed 1.5 seconds.

118k Snatch 2017 Worlds

Pull to full extension: 0.73 seconds

Receiving the weight: 0.33 seconds