Yury Zakharevich

210k Snatch 1988 / 110k class / World Record

Time to full extension: 0.63

3rd pull: 0.33



245k C&J / 110k class / 1988

Overall Time from platform to standing up: 2.25 seconds (approx.) 

Full extension: 0.67

3rd pull: 0.33

Standing up: 0.83 seconds


250.5k C&J / 110k class / 1988

Based on Yury’s 250.5k WR clean & jerk, we can calculate his approximate 1.0 second back squat;

250.5 / .86 = 290k approx.

At 110% separation we arrive at: 290 x 110% = 320k bsq in 1.0 second

The amount of separation does not change the amount of the clean; it allows for a faster overall time in motion, which advantages the jerk.

Again, the difference between training the squats in weightlifting as opposed to powerlifting is in weightlifting deceleration should never be accepted. In powerlifting deceleration allows for more weight to be handled. The weightlifter should never train the squats as in powerlifting or the slower times and greater weights will over time slow the lifter down; producing slower overall times in motion.