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120k Clean & Jerk

Pull to full extension: 0.93 seconds

Receiving the weight: 0.33 seconds

Standing up: 1.3 seconds

If the pull to full extension is deliberately slowed down, but the athlete is able to pull under the bar at the optimal time of 0.33 seconds there should be no loss of performance. Only, when the pull to full extension is slower than normal and is not deliberate will the 3rd pull be executed at the 2:1 ratio, in this case it would take 0.47 seconds to pull under the bar and that would result in a missed lift.

The recovery or ascension time of 1.3 seconds is comparable to the time of 1.27 in the front squat. The lack of separation between the 1.0 second front squat and equivalent clean & jerk is somewhat evident. Most top lifters have about a 110% separation. In this case it would be;

120 x 1.10 = 132k in 1.0 second in the front squat.

Front Squats / various

85k @ 0.67 seconds = 118k in 1.0 second

95k x 2 @ 0.8 seconds = 120k in 1.0 second

105k x 2 @ 0.9 seconds = 120k in 1.0 second

115 x 1 @ 1.15 = 108k in 1.0 second

120 x 1 @ 1.27 = 107k in 1.0 second

The above times are fairly common, where the lifter is able to achieve the 1.0 second front squat with PR weight, although in this instance it was achieved with less than PR weight, i.e., the 95k x 2 and the 105k x 2. Other factors would be if the athlete was not trying to move as fast as they normally could, especially with the heavier weights, i.e., 115k and 120k.

Other factors would be if the squats are scheduled at the end of the snatch and/or clean & jerk that additional fatigue will have an impact on the times, hence, causing the lighter squats to be closer to the equivalent clean & jerk than the heavier squats. This has been observed the majority of the time.

100k Snatch / 58k / 2018 European WC

Full extension: 0.73

3rd Pull: 0.37