Strength & Velocity

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155 x 2 Back Squat

1.0 second both reps

155 + 5 = 160

160 x .86 =  138

138 / 130 = 106%

130 Clean & Jerk

Pull to full extension: 0.70 seconds

Receiving the weight: 0.30 seconds

Overall Time (platform to standing up) 1.93 seconds

The above lifter is a good example of what separation in the back squat can do for the clean & jerk. Toma’s 106% with the 155 x 2 back squat in 1 second allows her to clean the weight with an overall time of 1.93 seconds, which is faster than the average of most world champions, but comparable.  The emphasis for the weightlifter must be on the velocity and non-decelerated action in the squats in order to progress both the squats and the clean & jerk. Any squat slower than 1.0 second can only be equivalent to the 1.0 second squat and the excess will be non beneficial overloading, leading to slower overall times, not necessarily less weight in the c&j, but certainly a more difficult jerk and over time less room to progress the lifter towards their full potential.