182.5 Snatch

Pull to full extension: 0.63 seconds

Receiving the weight: 0.33 seconds

224 Clean & Jerk

Pull to full extension: 0.77

3rd pull: 0.33

Overall Time (without counting the double bounce in the bottom position) 2.15 seconds.

The video on top was taken at the 1982 Worlds, where Urik totaled 405k at a bodyweight of 82.5k. The bottom videos were from the same year at the Russian Nationals, where he totaled 417.5k (190k + 227.5k). Back then the additional weight was not counted in the total.

To my knowledge, Vardanian never did a front squat greater than 230k in training. Not that he was not capable of doing more, but when athletes work their velocity (fast twitch) and reaction time, more than the amount of weight, they don’t need to squat much more than they clean & jerk as long as the velocity or time in motion standing up is 1.0 second or faster when doing squats.